Saturday, March 7, 2009


Looking back at my first post it occur to me how little I appreciated my steady income. Don't get me wasn't much but I paid my bills and had my I can do neither.

So God forbid if anything were to go worse I can appreciate:

1. The support of my family- but emotionally and financial.

2. Having my health- even having the sniffles can get me down.

3. Having my LOOKS- even though I may complain about my body, I am in no means a fat ass nor am I fugly. THANK GOD FOR THIS or I could never go on. Just think for a shorter and a little chubbier (for now) Serena Williams.

4. I have means of transportation. I love my car so much!!!! (it is limited edition)

5. Being a virgin of course- Thank God I didn't give that idiot my virginity or I would have hated myself for years to come!!!

6. My DVR (the new and only love of my life) I can spend so much time on it.

*****More thankfulness to come later!!!

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