Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So it's been a while....

I decided that in order to be the real me that will not insult or hurt anyone around me I can just blog.

I completely forgot about my blog and decided if everyone else is doing this blogging thing why not me?!

So it has been more than a year for me...WHAT'S NEW?!

Well I am not ashamed to call myself a 23 year old virgin. Dont get me wrong..I still feel like a loser but it doesnt come with an incredible amount of shame any longer. It doesnt make me feel any better when I get gwaing looks (even from my doctor!) when asked about my sexual history (or lack there of)

I graduated from college!! (yay!!) but now I can't get a job so now I am applying for grad school.

All in all my life is shit- but it is okay!!! You want to know why?! Because other people's lives are way way way way way worse than mine!!!!

Let's list the ways:

I dont have a drug problem

I dont have any kids that I have to raise on my own

I am not loosing my home (same images as above)

we could go on but then I wont have anything to talk about in my later blogs.

The only thing is that I wish I had it a little more together (my shit) that is.

So I need stuff to comment on and talk about. If you have any ideas pls comment and let me know!!

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