Monday, March 9, 2009

Older guy crush!!!

So I have always had a thing for older guys! Something about their "worldly wisdom" and what not. Just not any older guy- like the cliché a listers like George Clooney and what not...

The kind of older guys that I usually like are like evil, smart, and just down right sexy (sometimes they do not look sexy) but something about their demeanor that makes them seem not so geriatric like.

Enough talk lets get to the men!! (not in any particular order)

1. Zeljko Ivanek - he is always playing like evil guys on TV (Heroes, Damages, and I love him on the Practice) He is a bit scrawny but I dont know what it is about him that makes me giddy when he comes on screen. He is smart (Yale grad) and very talaneted (just take a look at his impressive resume and his work on screen).

And I love how he just ages naturally and is not ahy about his graying and balding! YUM YUM! (and a little creppy- I KNOW)

I think what has really done it for my was seeing him on an episode of True Blood (hope he comes back) and now Heroes!!

I want to know who he is dating!

2. Jack Coleman- I think it's his role in Heroes that makes him seem so cool and sinister to me (The man with the horn rimmed glasses- Prescription glasses have never looked so sexy!!)

I love him (warts and all!)3. Tim Daly- I use to watch him on Wings when I was like eight- and I has a huge crush on him then!! Thanks to the modern marvel of sindication and a DVR- I get to relieve the glory days again and he is on Private Practice!!! I think I like him older now.

He is the exception to the rule because he always plays the good guy (most of time); even though on Private Practice he is a bit of a whore!
4. David Strathairn- when I saw him in the Bourne Ultimatum I was like "who is this man?!" My friends teased me endlessly on this one but I don't care!!So I am now tired about talking about this subject...more Old Hot Cruches later!!

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