Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who would I give my prize too...

So now that I have had an incredible amount of time to think about sex (23 friggin years!!), a few questions prop up as to what I want my first time to be like. One thought in question is the kind of person it would be...

So to keep my open, as to what I want, I am going to put together a list (not the perfect list) but to get me started.

These guys, qualities, and looks are not in any type of order (just to what comes to me at the time)

1. Austin Nichols- I don't know much about this guy (except he likes to drink)

But he is so cute and I love the way he looks so stern sometimes that is really sexy for me.

2. Wentworth Miller- Now that guy I could talk about for hours- there is nothing about his personality that makes me want him ( I heard that he was a snob); but I like how he seems mature and at peace with himself (which is a great quality that I like in guys) being QUIET AND RESERVED. I am so not like that so it would be nice to have someone like that.

3. Marlon Wayans- Now for substance I am definitely looking for someone that is funny...being funny is way better than being hot. I really recommend Requiem for a Dream if you need to look at his rocking body.

4. Michael Weatherly-I have been watching so much NCIS lately and I actually dream of this guy- it's crazy. It must be his character Anthony Dinozzo, just oozes with sex appeal, he loves movies, he is a trivia buff, and he is a sarcastic snot (much like myself).

So these guys are so the types of boys that I would give it up to right now (meaning that it might change).

I think a big part of why I stay single is because I have total intimacy issues. The few ways that I could actually be touched by a guy is by being drunk so if I could actually have a guy with some of the qualities that I like then maybe the issues will go away.

I know that I mostly wrote more about physical appeal but I think I had a good start to sorting out the kind of guy that I am look for (for now).

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